Ganz CORTROL is a powerful new IP video management software (VMS) with a wide range of features suited for simple to advanced IP surveillance applications.  The 64bit, extremely scalable CMS manages unlimited servers, sites and equipment remotely, quickly and efficiently and easily integrates with retail and access control systems.
The 4K ready VMS features automatic failover configuration and redundant management servers for uninterrupted reliability. With optional modules such as license plate recognition and video analysis, the range of functions can be further increased if necessary.

This calculator generates recommended hardware requirements and approximate storage needs. This information should be used for planning purposes only.

Some of the outstanding features is shown in the following video (YT - new window).

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The performance features at a glance

  • 64bit / 32bit
  • Advanced Failover
  • Video Analysis with Data Mining Filters
  • Facial & License Plate Recognition Support
  • Real Time Event Overlay on Live View
  • ONVIF, PSIA and RTSP Support
  • 4K Ready
  • Mobile Applications
  • Easy to use Digital Watermarking
  • PTZ Joysticks & Keyboards Support
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Video analysis / license plate recognition optional

Order data

Order No. Product description
Ganz CORTROL Prime VMS 16-Channel Version, free
Ganz CORTROL Premier VMS 1-96 Channels
Ganz CORTROL Global VMS Enterprise System, unlimited Channels
CORTROL ECO 4 NVR 24ch 4 Bays inc. ZNS-Premier24
CORTROL ECO 8 NVR 48ch 8 Bays inc. ZNS-Premier48
CORTROL ECO 16 NVR 48ch 16 Bays (inc. RAID) inc. ZNS-Premier48
CORTROL ECO 24 NVR 48ch 24 Bays (inc. RAID) inc. ZNS-Premier48
CORTROL ECO 36 NVR 96ch 16 Bays (inc. RAID) inc. ZNS-Premier96
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