Motorised zoom lenses

Motorised zoom lenses offer the possibility of changing the focal length and focus position using electric motors. The focal length range is indicated in line with the smallest and largest picture detail that can be obtained with this lens (e.g. 5–30 mm). Zoom lenses not only excel with their variable focal length ranges but also with sharply focused pictures, regardless of the focal length. Whereas with varifocal lenses the focus always has to be regulated if the focal length changes, this process is motorised in zoom lenses.

Features overview

  • Motorised focal length
  • Motorised focus
  • Automatic (DC, video) or motorised iris
  • IR-corrected models
  • 1/3" and 1/2" versions
  • Models prepared for controlling fixed positions
  • Override models

Order data

Order No. Product description
H6Z0812 8,0 - 48,0 mm · 1,2 - 16C 1/2" · C
H6Z0812DC 8,0 - 48,0 mm · 1,2 – 560C 1/2" · DC-Iris, C



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