Lenses for thermal imaging cameras

The performance features at a glance

  • Different lens options
  • Developed for uncooled IR-Sensors
  • Resolution up to 640 x 480

Order data

Order No. Product description
TH17V1311-34 13 mm, F1.1, M34 x 0.5, 8-12µm
TH17V1810-34 18.8 mm, F1.0, M34 x 0.5, 8-12µm
TH17V1511-34 35 mm, F1.1, M34 x 0.5, 8-12µm
M1614-SW 16mm, F1.4-16C, C, SWIR
M2514-SW 25mm, F1.4-16C, C, SWIR
M3514-SW 35mm, F1.4-16C, C, SWIR
M5018-SW 50mm, F1.8-16C, C, SWIR