Manual iris

The light incidence is regulated in lenses using the iris and the iris setting. To be able to optimally regulate the light, the lenses from computar offer three possibilities of setting the iris. Depending on the fi eld of application, you can choose a manual setting or automatic control electronics optionally in the lens (video) or in the camera (DC). Whereas automatic iris control should be used outdoors owing to the unavoidable fl uctuations in lighting, lenses with a manual iris are only suitable for areas with constant light conditions.

Features overview

  • Fixed focal length
  • Manual iris
  • Manueller Fokus
  • Manual focus

Order data

Order No. Product description
T2616FICS 2,6 mm · 1,6–11C · 1/3" · CS
T0412FICS 4,0 mm · 1,2–16C · 1/3" · CS
T0812FICS 8,0 mm · 1,2–16C · 1/3" · CS
H1214FICS 12,0 mm · 1,4–16C · 1/2" · CS
T2625CS-P 2,6 mm, 2,5 - 32C, 1/3", CS