IP-Thermal camera series with Body temperature measurement and mask recognition

The GANZ Genstar thermal camera is characterized by its high precision and resolution. Of particular note is the system for determining body temperature, ZN8-B0F8-TASX4-XT. Here, an additional high-performance sensor ensures the rapid detection of a large number of people. Body temperature is recorded with a deviation of less than 0.3°C.

The EN7-S02T measuring system is an easy-to-use, precise all-in-one system for determining human body temperature. Thanks to the network integration, the EN7-S02T can be integrated into your existing access control system.The device in Action: https://youtu.be/wMwovgZrpNQ

The performance features at a glance

  •     Thermal network camera
  •     0.3° accuracy
  •     Temperature detection
  •     Fast response time

Order data

Order No. Product description
ZNT8-B0F8-TASX4-XT Thermal IP Bullet Camera, Uncooled IRFPA Microbolometer, 25bps, Effective Pixel 400×300, Sensitivity 40mK, Thermal: 8mm fixed lens, Optical: 2.7 - 12mm motorized lens, 0.3°C accuracy, up to 16 persons,
EN7-S02T 7" screen, integrated sensor, ±0.3°C accuracy, measuring range 36°C - 40°C, IPv4, TCP/IP, HTTP