Genstar IP Networkrecorder with 6MP

With up to 6MP recording are a number of different Ganz IP network recorder available. Starting with the 4-channel up to 32 channel recorder, suitable for numerous applications. Ideally matched to the recorder, incidentally, are the IP cameras from Ganz Genstar series.


The performance features at a glance

  • Up to 6 Megapixel recording
  • Either 8, 16 or 32 channels
  • Up to 25 frames / second
  • H.264-Compression
  • App for iOS & Android

Order data

Order No. Product description
NR8-4M71 H.264 4-Channel NVR, max. 6MP Recording, 4x RJ-45 (PoE), HDMI / VGA, 1x SATA-Interface, 2x USB, RJ-45, 255 x 47.5 x 235, 930g
NR8-8M71 H.264 8-Channel NVR, max. 6MP Recording, 8x RJ-45 (PoE), HDMI / VGA, 1x SATA-Interface, 2x USB, RJ-45, 372 x 44.5 x 311, 2.8kg
NR8-16M74 H.264 16-Channel NVR, max. 6MP Recording, 16x RJ-45 (PoE), HDMI / VGA, 4x SATA-Interface, 3x USB, RJ-45, 440 x 67 x 376, 3.6kg
NR8-32M78-0 H.264 32-Channel NVR, max. 6MP Recording, 2x RJ-45, HDMI / VGA, 8x SATA-Interface, 2x USB, RJ-45, 440 x 89.9 x 435, 7.2kg